• Total dedication and hands on profile that make the difference

    Total dedication and hands on
    profile that make the difference

  • Whatever the dynamics of your business,  we are ready

    Whatever the dynamics of your business,
    we are ready

  • Our expertise is business transformation

    Our expertise is business transformation

About Performa Partners

Change. Restructuring. Innovation. Leadership.
Efficiency. Competitiveness. Profitability. Perenniality.
Maximization of Value. Achievement. Growth. Consolidation.

Whatever the motivation, we at Performa Partners are ready to act.
We are Business Transformations Agents, prepared to identify
opportunities, and conduct business to where they have the potential to reach.

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Why Performa Partners?

Our experience is from the Real World, where theories
and the academy are not the only protagonists in
the make of decisions.

We do Results Consulting, that is, we do not
just stick to recommendations, but
we work together in execution, helping to
turn opportunities into results, making business
more attractive, competitive and profitable.

We contribute, in addition to Experience, with Knowledge and
Methodology, carrying out the transfer of this know-
how to the teams of our clients, so that
they can perpetuate the gains obtained.

Our values

  • We believe there is no other way than
    Transparency, Integrity and Ethics in business.

  • We believe that the strengthening of
    private companies is the key to the
    development of the Society, through the creation of
    productive jobs, and the generation of concrete wealth.

  • We are impartial in our analyzes, and in
    the alternatives we indicate. The Business is our
    most important client.

  • Agility. Flexibility. Simplicity. Discipline.
    Pragmatism. Focus on Results.


Le Postiche Changes the Stores Portfolio

Le Postiche Changes the Stores Portfolio

Valor Econômico - 08/21/2017

By Tatiane Bertolozi

Le Postiche, the most important bags and accessories retailer in the Country, leaves its second reorganization in a decade directing the business to the more affluent public. The new targeting comes after the company restructured its finances, reviewed suppliers, and outsourced the logistics operation.

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Why is there lack of attractiveness for investors in companies in restructuring processes?

Why is there lack of attractiveness for investors in companies in restructuring processes?

Revista Capital Aberto - December / 2016

By André Pimentel

Imagine a scenario where you became ill, the health care system denied care, there was no access to medicines, and even friends and close people walked away in fear of the risk you would pose. Sounds absurd. However, this is what happens today with companies when, for some reason, they become financially destabilized.

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It will be a pleasure to meet you

The current business dynamics, whether Global or Local, has made competition even more difficult, unstable, a play of mutant capabilities, requiring agility and responsiveness to Planning and Execution, and constant readiness to respond to the most diverse challenges.

Insertion in this day-to-day play sometimes distances managers and shareholders from core business issues, leading to significant gaps in results in the short and medium term, and even to the risk of compromising business continuity in long term.

Performa Partners is prepared to discuss these scenarios, jointly evaluating gaps, the potentials, and opportunities that need to be transformed into CONCRETE AND SUSTAINABLE RESULTS.

  • What MANAGEMENT challenges are influencing the competitiveness of your business right now?
  • Are there any doubts about STRATEGY AND BUSINESS MODEL that are influencing the suitability of your business due to the current market conditions?
  • Have you encountered difficulties in productively and effectively executing the OPERATIONAL PROCESSES?
  • Are your ENABLERS (People, Culture, Technology, Productive Assets, Capital Structure, etc.) adequate to business requirements?
  • Do you believe that the business could benefit from some form of STRATEGIC TRANSACTION, but would you like to MAXIMIZE VALUE before?
  • Does the business NEED TO OVERCOME a chronic or acute crisis, but you are in doubt whether qualified external support would be important?
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