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Our Solutions

Performa Partners acts to assist Medium and Large Companies at key moments, ie, WHEN YOU NEED TO ACHIEVE HIGHER RESULTS.

We do results consulting. We do not just stick to the recommendations, but we work together with our clients to achieve the objectives, contributing to TRANSFORM OPPORTUNITIES IN RESULTS, making the business more attractive, competitive and profitable. We are ready to contribute in processes of:

Turnaround / Operational & Financial Restructuring

Performa Partners has in its DNA the ability to face together with its clients the most difficult moments in the business world. Our experience is from the REAL WORLD, where theories and the academy are supporting in the decisions making processes, but not driving them.

We are prepared to ADVISE or MANAGE the business throughout the turnaround or restructuring process.

Operational-Financial Diagnosis, Market Communication, Cash Control, Debt Restructuring, Costs / Expenditure Review, Operational Improvements. WE PRODUCE RESULTS.

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Performance Improvement

Performa Partners helps clients improve business performance through strategic alignment, clear identification of opportunities, and rapid and timely action to face challenges.

We bring EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE and METHODOLOGY, in order to transfer this know-how to our clients' teams, so that they can PERENIZE the gains obtained.

Operational-Financial Diagnosis, Strategic Plan, Business Model, Optimization of Costs / Expenses - Zero Base Budget, Increase in Revenues and Margins, Processes Review, Enablers Adequacy. WE IMPROVE RESULTS.

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Support in Strategic Transactions (M&A)

In merger and acquisition processes, Performa Partners contributes by helping the client to understand the correct valuation of the assets under discussion.

If necessary, we help prepare the business to MAXIMIZE THE RESULTS OF A TRANSACTION, or we act TO IMPROVE THE RESULTS AFTER THE INVESTMENT DONE. It is not our purpose to act only as a trading agent.

We can act both through Sell-Side and Buy-Side, advising companies and investors (including private equities funds).

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Support of Interim or Permanent Executives

Since 2013, through its strategic alliance with EIM – Excellence in Management, the global leader of INTERIM EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, Performa Partners has been providing its local and international clients with support through its network of executives, whether for interim or permanent challenges.

This service is the right solution when companies quickly need skilled and experienced professionals to act in special situations for a specific period (short or long term) or permanently.

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Turnaround / Operational & Financial Restructuring

Some issues / tools we usually use:

  • Crisis Management

  • Preparation of Communication Plan for Customers, Suppliers and others Stakeholders
  • Implementation of Total Cash Flow Control Committees
  • Express Diagnosis of Strategy and Operations.
  • Stabilization and Performance Improvement Program

  • Increased Profitability Program
  • Improving Business Processes
  • Optimization of business enablers
  • Elaboration and Execution of Investment Plan
  • Business Turnaround

  • Implementation of Cash Flow Committees
  • Implementation of Short / Medium Term Action Plans
  • Expenses Optimization - Zero Base Budget Execution (ZBB)
  • Reorganization of Debt and Capitalization Alternatives
  • Development of Revenue Recovery Plan
  • Operations Diagnostics and Optimization
  • Transition from Business Strategy and Positioning

  • Elaboration of Business Plan and Budget for the next period
  • Preparation and Implementation of the Transition for "Business-as-Usual" Period

Performance Improvements

Some issues / tools we usually use:

  • Strategic Analysis and Positioning Review

  • Market Analysis and Trends
  • Competitiveness Diagnosis
  • Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Development of Strategic Planning
  • Adherence and Effectiveness Analysis of Business Processes

  • Diagnosis and Optimization of Processes
  • Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Review of the Business and Management Model

  • Analysis of Business Model Alternatives
  • Diagnostics and Optimization of Operations
  • Supply Chain Diagnostics and Optimization
  • Revenue and Margin Increase Program
  • Execution of Zero Base Budget (ZBB)
  • Results Based Compensation Plan
  • Optimization and Effectiveness of Business Enablers

  • Organizational Structure Analysis and Team Assessment
  • Diagnosis and Optimization of Technological Support
  • Analysis and Optimization of the Capital Structure

Support in Strategic Transactions (M&A)

We bring our knowledge and experience about business strategy, markets and operations to validate the understanding of the current situation and future potential of a given asset, and consequently define the appropriate value ranges for that asset.

In some cases, we work with our client to improve the attractiveness of the business, and thus increase their value in a REAL WAY before the transaction is closed.

  • Acting with the Sell-Side

  • Strategic, Operational and Financial Diagnosis
  • Gap Analysis of Value Generation
  • Solution for Value Generation Gaps
  • Business Valuation
  • Acting with the Buy-Side

  • Strategic, Operational and Financial Diagnosis
  • Business Valuation
  • Preparation of a Post-Merger Integration Plans
  • Interim Management / Performance Improvement

Support of Interim or Permanent Executives

We have the ability to quickly mobilize professionals or specialized and experienced teams to act in special situations, such as support for start-ups or opening new markets, accelerated growth challenges, restructurings, unexpected vacancy in key functions, closure of operations, coach and training of high potential and successors, among others.

Our network of specialized professionals, both functionally or in specific Industries, has the ability to help our clients overcome unexpected or even untimely challenges within predetermined or indeterminate periods.

We identify the correct profile to each need and potential candidates, coordinate the selection process, manage the hiring and provision of services (in the case of interim professionals), and monitor the achievement of objectives through a constant contact with our clients.

In addition to the local network, we have the support of EIM and its international network, the experience of its more than 8,000 projects since its founding in 1989, and the others 30 offices in 25 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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